Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Choose from:
Callie-vampire metaphysical
Isabella-vampire romance
Lilith-vampire erotic
Mira-vampire erotic
Samantha-vampire clean & erotic versions
Sapphire - vampire horror
Trinity- a Halloween superstitious vampire romance

Cover Art!

I just got word from the Eternal Press cover art supervisor. She said that I should hear from a cover artist  about 60-90 days before my book is released. Finally! Some kind of timeframe! I'm still trying to get ideas together for what I should have on the table at my book signings (personalized pens, personalized fortune cookies, etc). Let me know what you think I should have on there. I've been working my butt off doing reviews. I now have 2 companies I'm reviewing for and it's really helped me learn what kind of stories each publisher is looking for. Besides, I love to read and when hubby's at work it makes good use of my time since I'd just spend it sitting in a corner missing him otherwise :). Well, off to read some more!