Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Vampire Queen Trilogy

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you all know why my Vampire Queen Trilogy is no longer available on Amazon.

A new publisher (Caliburn) came in and took over Eternal Press who had published my book previously but was having some difficulties at the end so they sold the company.

My contracts on my books were up and after much disagreement, the rights to my books were given back to me but I cannot use the original covers as they belong to the publisher.

So, after my Immortal Series, I am going to go over my Vampire Queen Trilogy, book by book and re-vamp (yes, pun intended) them and give them new covers before putting them back up on Amazon and hope they won't give me any problems.

Condemned by a Vampire also falls into the above category but that will be my last project. I've found I really enjoy making covers and if I get some done before the books, I'll post them on here for you all to see.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Immortal Series

Hi all!

I know it's been a while but I've been very busy! I have managed to come up with a new vampire/dragon shifter series I think you are going to absolutely LOVE!!! I'm calling it my Immortal Series as here are the titles so far:

1. Immortal Heirs
2. Immortal Desires
3. Immortal Vultures
4. Immortal Freedom

Book 1 was released on 7/2/2017 and is still .99cents on

Book 2 has been written and I'm in the re-editing process before I send it off to my amazing Editor, Jessica Sawa.

Book 3 is writing itself in my head at all times and I can't wait to get started with it.

For these books, hubby bought me some new graphics software and with the help of the lovely Brandi Kennedy, I've been able to make my own covers for the three books so far. Wanna see the covers? Here we go!

(Yes, I have a cover for a book I haven't written yet but I was on a roll!)

You are the only ones to have seen the covers for books 2 & 3 (besides Brandi) and I hope you like them. Some feedback in the comments would be nice...(hint...hint...hint)!

Well, that's my update for now. Hope to get back on a regular schedule with you!

Happy Summer & Keep Reading!
Jodie Pierce

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sandie Will and The Caging at Deadwater Manor

Hi all!!

It's been a little while but there is this great book coming out that I want you to know about. The Caging at Deadwater Manor by Sandie Will is awesome!!!


Author Sandie Will has released her debut novel, The Caging at Deadwater Manor. Set along the Florida Gulf Coast, this young adult psychological thriller is a heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat story about eighteen-year-old Jeannie Kynde who is locked away in Deadwater Manor, a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. In her words, she shares what it’s like to endure psychiatric treatments, mentally unstable patients, a sadistic nurse and a tempting attendant. Can she find the strength to survive the nightmare that is now her world?

Book Trailer

Book Blurb:

On a cold, January evening, fourteen-year-old Jeannie Kynde is told that her beloved mother drowned in the murky waters along Florida's Gulf Coast. Her distraught father turns on Jeannie, no longer the caring father she once knew.

Four years later, Jeannie is finally old enough to escape her father's clutches, but he has different plans. He imprisons her at Deadwater Manor, a psychiatric hospital with an unscrupulous past. 

Will she be locked away forever? Or can she fight against the nightmare that has now become her world?


So, what was the inspiration for this story?

As the cover states, Deadwater Manor was inspired by true events, so I wanted to share what this means.

About eight years ago, I wanted to see if I could write dark. I had already written a historical time travel, which was more on the adventurous side (this will be released later this year). At first I thought I'd write a ghost story, and I remembered that my dad worked at psychiatric hospitals during short spurts of his life, both state and private. He rarely talked about his time there. My mom had said it was because he was upset over things he saw.

So, I finally asked him. There were no ghosts, but he mentioned how he felt bad for the young girls because sometimes they were admitted against their will by families who didn’t understand depression or other milder psychiatric conditions. He also shared patient routines and how the hospital rooms were set up. And as he continued, he remembered a discovery he made in the attic. It gives me chills just thinking about it, even now, and it became the central part of the story.
So, though the story and hospital are completely fictional, it is based on a girl admitted against her will, my dad’s discovery and some of the patient routines, outbursts, clothing and treatments he mentioned. The rest is based on research.

Sadly, my dad has since passed away from Alzheimers. He was a wonderful man, unlike the father in the story (which he always reminded me to make clear!). Before he became too confused, I let him know I dedicated the book to him. I knew he understood when he became weepy. I'll be thinking of him on March 31.

About the Author:

Sandie Will was born in Poughkeepsie, New York and moved to Florida during the 1970s. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Geology degree from the University of South Florida and Master of Science in Environment al Engineering Sciences degree from the University of Florida. She is currently working as a hydrogeologist and manager at a state agency that protects water supplies and natural systems. She primarily manages well construction and aquifer testing operations.  During her career, she has written numerous technical reports and articles for various science-related publications. Now, she is adding fiction to her writing repertoire with her debut novel, The Caging at Deadwater Manor. Sandie currently lives in Florida with her husband, Charlie. They have two grown sons, a lovable lab-mix and a pesky cat.  Her website and blog can be found at

Thank you for the support! I truly appreciate everyone who has helped me during this long journey.

Here's some more information on Sandie for you:
What type of genre do you write?

I love to write YA thrillers, historical time travel and paranormal. After my first debut, I will be releasing the first book of my time travel series later this year.

What genre to you personally read?

Pretty much anything, but I tend to want to read dark, creepy books, science fiction and historical novels. I especially love novels that stay with you for a while or make you question reality.

Tell me about your latest?

The Caging at Deadwater Manor is based on a discovery my dad made while working at a psychiatric hospital. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it! He also shared patient routines and hospital routines that helped me provide a more realistic storyline. So, the story is fiction, but it’s inspired by my dad’s discovery and I’ve incorporated some actual happenings here and there.

Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

There is. This book is for mature young adults because there are some situations where the main character, Jeannie Kynde, struggles to choose the right path for herself, especially since she is drugged and her survival instinct is kicking in. I think young adults have (unfortunately) had to make difficult choices at times, and I hope this story helps them see that they should stick to their own ethical values. Also, sometimes you need to forgive yourself, which can be so hard.

What does your workspace look like?

I have an old writer’s desk I found in an antique shop a few years back. It’s in front of a set of windows on the second story of my home surrounded by old oaks and visiting birds. It’s a peaceful place – my sanctuary!
(see photo)

After this book, what is next?

The first book of The Time Lands Series called The Hunger will be released later this year. This book is about a girl from today who meets a guy from Ireland who is going through desperate times. There’s a bit of first love, adventure, suspense and comedy all wrapped in a sweet story. Remember the names: Carly Matthews and Liam Healy – they’ll be sharing their adventures in time for a while!

Currently, I’m writing on another psychological thriller and researching historical information for a paranormal.

Your website?

Your blog?

Other websites? for the book release. I also have a science blog where geologists share their typical day and projects from around the world at

Where can your book be found? Please purchase my ebook on March 31 or April 1 on Amazon to help with my ranking. The link to Amazon will be available at After that, all the regular outlets such as Barnes and Noble will be fine. The printed copy will be available the week after the release.

Thanks so much, Jodie, for allowing me to be part of your blog and for running my blog hop during this important time. I appreciate all the support you have given me over the years.

Thank you Sandie for joining us today! Everyone, seriously, check this book out and follow the links!

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Jodie Pierce

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Brandi Kennedy Blog Hop-Jump Right In!

Hi all!

I'd like to welcome Author Brandi Kennedy to my blog today!!

About Brandi:
Brandi Kennedy is a romance novelist who is finally living her childhood career dream. As a child, books were her world and through adulthood, that love of words has never changed. Brandi is now a contemporary romance novelist and poet with a deep love of writing and a curiously adventurous desire to someday write in several other genres.

A woman of varied interests, Brandi loves photography, music of all kinds, knitting, crochet, and of course, mothering her two young daughters. Currently, she finds her home in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee, among the mountains and the members of her extended family, where she spends her days at the computer, bringing fresh and incredibly real characters to life.
Fat Chance: The Kingsley Series #1

Prescription for Love: The Kingsley Series #2

Wrestling Harmony: The Kingsley Series #3

More than Friends: The Kingsley Series #4

Selkie I

Selkie II

Fighting for Freedom

Courageous (a short standalone novella)

Where to Find Brandi:
Twitter: @brandikennedy84
Instagram: @authorbrandikennedy
Snapchat: @brandikennedy84

**For some exclusive fun, different and exciting new information as well as an extra monthly flash fiction, join her for as little as $1 per month at:

Now, hop on over to the other blogs hosting Brandi for the entire month of February:

Stop by these blogs and leave a comment…there may be a prize for the person who’s visited and commented on the most blogs (other than the blog participants…aw shucks)!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Brandi Kennedy & Selkie II!!!!!!

Hi all!!!

I'm going to post some teasers for the above book, Selkie II. Now, Selkie I was AMAZING so I can't wait to get to reading the second one. For more information, please go to

Here's are the teasers:

If you can't find what you are looking for, just go to the Amazon link:

You can also find more information about Brandi and her books at:

She is an amazing Author and all her books are AMAZING!!! I've read all of her book except the new one (haven't had time and it's killing me!!) so get off your butts, check out the links and find out more about this amazing Author!

Keep Writing!
Jodie Pierce

Monday, April 25, 2016

Two new books!

Hi all!!
Sorry I've AWOL for a while. I've been working hard on two books at the same time. Here they are:

1. Bipolar Biography called Inside My Head. It's my story about my diagnosis and how it's affected certain parts of my life and past and how it currently affects my life. Like I said, it's a biography that I'm sure some of you would think of me differently (as I reveal a lot of secrets and weaknesses in the book), I'm just hoping you get the message that Bipolar is a real disease and affects life in every way!!

2. The second book I'm working on is a vampire book (surprise) with a boxing/UFC type of twist. It's taken a lot of research which burned me out so I put it aside and started working on book one. However, I got my mojo back so I'm working on it again.

Also, I'm still doing the Horror/Paranormal ezine and am always looking for submissions so if you want more info, please email me at darknesswithin,!!! We love having new people!!

That's it for now.

Thanks and keep reading!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cover reveal and fb event today for my cover reveal!!!

Hi all!

So, I'm going to do something different today. I'm doing a cover reveal for MYSELF!

Some of you may know I've been working on a book about a 'cousin' in Brazil. Well, it's finished and live on Amazon but I'm doing a fb event to reveal the cover today at:

I am so excited about this book. I even have it translated into Portuguese as my 'cousin' doesn't speak English and I'd like her to be able to enjoy it too! Here is the cover:


A young woman from Rio de Janiero, Brazil wakes up in a mausoleum to find herself all alone with no memory. When the vampire Thomas rescues her, he treats her like the child he never had. However, when Ranato comes into Christiane’s life, she knows she’s in love and leaves Thomas. Is Ranato all that he seems to be or does he have a more sinister plan for her? Will other forces help her or work against her?  Will she be able to stay alive and find true happiness? Do you like Egyptian mythology? Then this book is for you.

You can find me at:

Hope you enjoy it!

Keep Writing!
Jodie Pierce