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Author Lindsey Jayne and Conquering the Witch: Book 2 of the Faction Series

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I want you to help me give a warm welcome to a great new friend, Lindsey Jayne today on my blog.

Her new book, Conquering the Witch was just released today! You don't want to miss these 2 books and there's the final installment being worked on as we speak. Oh, I can't wait!!
Here's the information about book 2!

Synopsis/blurb for Book 2 - Conquering the Witch

How do you take control of your present, when the past threatens to destroy you?

Four weeks have gone by since Elora Lincoln’s kidnap. Four weeks since evil witch, Cassandra tried to murder her and sacrifice her unborn child in the name of her deadly beliefs.
Elora is fighting on, determined to be able to protect the ones she loves from her enemies, getting to grips with the magic gifted to her from a long line of Superior white witches, and learning to cope with what happened to her and her daughter.
Not to mention her ex-boyfriend, Daniel’s bloody attack on DCI Amelia Ellis.
Nightmares of the brutal assault plague her, but not only that, something from her past is trying to warn her – but warn her of what? She struggles to understand.

Cassandra is still on the loose, and Faction General, Lucas and his team must align with another group to track her down before she succeeds in one of her ungodly schemes.
And then the unthinkable happens.
Cassandra kidnaps Elora again and, this time, she is taking no chances. The white witch has something she wants, and it isn’t just her baby.
As Elora lives through indescribable acts of torment orchestrated by the two people intent on bringing on her complete destruction, the Faction’s Second-in-Command, Deacon must battle unspeakable powers to save her once again.
But it’s not that easy.
Another force battles against them all, and it’s a lot closer to home than they think.

Here's my review for book 2:
This book was even better than the first one! The story carried over seamlessly. The Author has a way of writing that just draws you in and makes you feel like the story is happening around you.
You have the synopsis above so I'll let you read that as I don't want to give anything away! The emotions in this book run very high. I found myself living and dying with every word. The connection the Author establishes between reader and characters is refreshing and hard to do but she does it very well. This book is also an A+++ and I can't wait to read the third and final (boohoo) book where hopefully everyone gets there comeuppances!

Synopsis/blurb for Book 1 - Invoking the Witch

A group of women have a dark and forbidding goal in mind.
They want to raise hell, and they’re murdering witches and sacrificing their unborn babies in the name of their deadly beliefs.

General Lucas Drake leads a unit of elite, vampire warriors known as the Faction, tasked with safeguarding the apprised human population against anything immorally supernatural. So when Lucas gets the call that pregnant women are being murdered in a manner suggesting witchcraft he enlists the help of paranormally-adept DCI Amelia Ellis and her team.
Together they discover a horror with frightening complications involving black magic, death and sacrifice, but to what end? How do they find who’s committing such brutal atrocities with no leads and time running out?

Pregnant Elora Lincoln is a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. When the abuse turns violent, Elora leaves him, but not before her mentally malicious boyfriend tells her that they are coming for her, and she had better watch out. They will stop at nothing until they get what they want – by any means necessary.
In order to protect her from Daniel she is taken to the Compound – a secured building that houses the General and his team.

But how does Elora fit into all of this? Is she another pawn in this game? The answers lie in her ghostly past.
Beyond scared she seeks comfort in the arms of Deacon, The General’s second in command. He promises to protect her, but fails when she is kidnapped from right in front of him. After discovering what is in store for her, can Deacon save her in time before she becomes another victim in this dark game?

Here's my review for book 1:
Invoking the Witch was the perfect title for this book! I found myself in this story as one of the characters and could easily relate to the story. It was if the Author wrote it just for me which I not easy to do.
Pregnant women are disappearing and when they are found, their babies have been cut from their wombs. Spring into action Ameila, DCI, who has been assigned to solve these murders. The things she sees, battles she has to make it through along with the sexual tension between her and Blake are enough to make her crazy. Nothing in her past cases have prepared her for this case.
The Author, Lindsey Jayne’s writing is wonderful and relatable. She has a way of drawing the reader in, gripping you and pulling you through the book. I started reading the book and could barely function until I could read more. It’s a story that’s stuck with me and probably one of the best Paranormal stories I’ve read in a long time. She’s got a new book called Allegra’s Song, an erotic tale and I can’t wait to read it also. Hope she does more of The Faction Series, Invoking the Witch is just the beginning. She leaves it on a cliffhanger so if you like books that are all tidied up in the end, this one is not for you but it’ll convert you. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series!!! A++++ book!!

Author Bio:

Lindsey lives in Derby, England with her partner, Simon and their Bedlington Terrier, Huxley

While she loves to read and write, she also likes to shop for expensive luxuries she likely doesn't need, with money she definitely does not have! In order to fund her addiction, she works full time as a Recruitment Consultant.

When she isn't indulging in a spot of retail therapy, she can be found glued to some form of computer playing one 'shoot 'em up' game or another! She also likes painting, photography, interior design and psychology.

She isn't a complete hermit, though. She also loves to spend time with her family, friends and loved ones doing any number of socially acceptable (most of the time) things.

She is a huge fan of paranormal, thrillers and erotic fiction. And if all three are combined, she is in heaven. Especially when it comes to Alpha males!!!

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