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Vampire Erotica

Vampire Erotica

               When I first started writing vampire stories, I felt the sensuality, the sexual desire, the seduction of the vampire. I only continued to write “vanilla” stories, ignoring my sensuous thoughts thinking there would be no place in mainstream novels for that type of thing. Eventually, the urge became too strong and I found myself expressing sexual desires and almost pornography on the page before I knew it and better than I could talk about it. I was raised that you don’t talk about those kinds of things so it was always hard for me to discuss these kinds of things with my partners. I tucked away these stories as sort of a “guilty pleasure” and submitted my “vanilla” manuscript which finally got picked up.

               While doing promoting and research for my manuscript, I came across review sites. Now, I figured if I wanted my book reviewed, I’d review for them. Sounds like a solid plan, right? I was amazed, as I looked through the thousands of books waiting for review that were menege, GLBT, or ones with a high “heat” level. I agreed to review my first vampire novel that was a contemporary lesbian vampire novel and I found the sensations the book gave me were the same I felt when I wrote my stories. I thought and thought, maybe my vampire erotica stories would be good enough to fill this giant need for the public. I submitted my first vampire erotica novel to my publisher thinking she was going to turn me down. Within just a couple days I had a response that she wanted the manuscript. I was shocked that my inexperienced level of soft vampire porn was wanted for publishing.

               My new novel is about a woman who is seduced by an older man while working at a gothic bar. She is a quiet person and a poet in her time off but lets her guard down at night while working. She meets a customer who sucks her (no pun intended) in to his charm and intrigue. She finally falls in love with him and his sexuality is hard for her to resist. They have mind blowing sex with fireworks and all for her. He turns her and they feed on each other during sex, heightening the level of heat between them. The next day, there is some kind of natural disaster in the world. They decide to move and get a fresh start and the same thing happens. He teaches her how to feed on a regular human being which she resists at first but then enjoys it. He confesses after the next disaster he’s cursed that when he finds true love and has passionate sex, his destiny is to create disasters. She doesn’t believe him and sets up a scenario to prove it and it comes true. She makes him take him to his home land and explain everything. She ends the romance her way, also ending the book. Here’s the first chapter:

Lucy was your creative, peace loving introvert by day and exotic fun bartender by night. Her transformation each night enabled her to let loose of her daily dismay of the state of the world. She believed the predictions of Nostradamus. She was hunkered down in her basement with enough food to feed an army on Y2K. She believed without a doubt in Global Warming and she just knew the world would come to an end in 2012. However, she was not prepared for the way her entire life was about to change when a stranger came into her bar one night and attempted to order a 1912 Merlot.

     Lucy worked at a bar that was below street level, underneath a carpet store that most people didn't even know existed. The only new customers it saw came with old customers as guests and unless they were into the "lifestyle" they were never seen again. The bar was a gothic bar which catered to all aspects of the gothic "lifestyle". When Lucy was hired the owner explained all this and said he had a hard time keeping bartenders because of it so if she stayed a month he would double her hourly wage. At first she wore all black in a feeble attempt to “play along” however after awhile she started getting into it, (her alter ego she called it) and she noticed her tips got better. She started ordering clothes online to complete her new look. She goes from dressing like a librarian during the day to dressing like Brittany Spears at night. She even does her long burgundy hair up in puppy ears like a school girl.

     What no one in the bar knew was that Lucy had a fascination or let’s say an obsession with vampires so she was really in her element when allowed to let loose every evening. She read book after book about them and even kept a book of poems she herself wrote about them, mostly in adoration of them. She kept to herself when not at work and only left her apartment for shopping what she couldn’t get online. None of her neighbors knew her and she was fine with that. She preferred not to have to put on facades for them. She preferred to be alone with her books, her thoughts and her imaginary vampires. Her apartment was on the top floor and had a bay like window seat that looked out over the city. Sometimes after work, that’s where Lucy would sit and write her best poems looking out at all the lights wondering what it would be like to fly. She longed for something but was unsure what she was missing.

      Lucy started wearing silver fangs to work. It started as part of a Halloween costume but she liked them so much she just kept them and wore them every day. Of course the customers loved them and she even developed a vampiress persona while behind the bar including a fair attempt at a Transylvanian accent. She loved the release it provided her, being able to develop herself as one of the vampires she so adored. The customers loved that she played along with them and her tip jar liked it even more at the end of the night. In all, Lucy had finally found her niche and was letting loose and feeling good about herself for the first time in her life. Past relationships, finances and mistakes aside, she was on the path to happiness for the first time in her life.

     One evening a stranger walked into the bar alone. The crowd tried not to stop and stare for not only was it unusual but the stranger was graceful in his every movement and more astoundly beautiful than any man should be. He had straight long black hair that fell midway down his back. He had high and defined cheekbones that made his lips seem to protrude forward slightly. His eyes were the shape of almonds with large green emeralds in the center and long black eyelashes. He wore a long black velvet cloak that covered the rest of his clothes.

     He walked directly over to end of the bar, sat down, took off his gloves and laid them on the bar. Lucy always hesitated with strangers in the bar. She took a deep breath, mustered up her courage and walked over to the stranger.

"What can I get ya?" she asked in her best vampire voice trying not to sound nervous.

"How about a glass of 1912 Merlot?" her replied with a smile drinking in her beauty.

I know it’s short but all my chapters tend to be so you can read the book quickly. The book will be out and available on on April 7, 2011. I’ll keep you updated on my website:
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