Sunday, September 17, 2017


Hi all!

So...Halloween is approaching and if you know me, it's my favorite holiday (yes, even over Christmas!).

Darkness Within Ezine will be having a pre-halloween party on facebook on 10/29 so come join us!! We'll have games, trivia and prizes!

As for me, I'm still working my way through book 3 in my Immortal series and also looking for pictures for my Vampire Queen covers when I re-release them next year.

Hubby, his eldest daughter and I will be going to Universal Studios when she flies in at the end of the month and I LOVE Harry Potter so I've been on this low carb diet so I won't have a problem fitting on the rides. We went to Universal Studios Florida in 2010 (granted I was 100 lbs heavier) and I couldn't fit on the main Harry Potter ride. I was so embarrassed and bummed I missed the ride! So, I was determined to lose more weight for this trip to California! Well...I've been doing the diet for 2 weeks and only lost 6lbs and have been starving myself almost along with beating myself up for going over my carbs for the day. So, I decided to try to keep my diet as much as possible but not count carbs or exercise...just go with the flow. Hopefully that will work and I won't beat myself up for it not working fast enough.

Here's the rundown of our week:

Saturday 9/30 She's flying in around 2:30. Going to go see a magic show, eat at Ramsey's Burger's the go see Fremont street where I'm told is amazing.

Sunday 10/1: Rest day for her and I while hubby watches football.

Monday 10/2: Leave at 3am ish and drive to California for sight-seeing (USS Iowa, Long Beach hospital where hubby was born, Santa Monica Pier as I've just always wanted to see it) then head to the Air B&B. This is a huge surprise to her. Hubby's been rubbing it in every time he talks to her and she keeps guessing but hasn't been right yet...ha ha ha!

Tuesday 10/3: Go to Universal at 8am for early entry and go straight to Harry Potter land!!! Yay!

Wednesday 10/4: Rest day

Thursday 10/5: Daddy/Daughter night on Vegas strip (Nice restaurant, a show, etc). I get to stay home and rest.

Friday 10/6: Rest day & order pizza.

Saturday 10/7: Rest day and hubby will cook at home or go to Hibachi place as it's her favorite.

Sunday 10/8: She flies home.

Hubby has been texting her every day with the countdown. It's so cute AND she turns 21 on 9/20!!

Well, that's enough for now. If you have any ideas on what we should do on the rest days, please comment below.

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