Saturday, August 25, 2012

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Hey all!
 I just wanted to keep you updated. I'm currently working on a new novella (18,000+) words so far about a pair of lesbians, one's a vampire and the other doesn't know.  They are really in love and get married which is allowed in the city of New York. The female vampire is a well known actress on Broadway and upon casting her leading man finds out he's a vampire as well. He is the oldest of old vampires and wants her to help him get rid of all the elder vampires or he'll tell her girlfriend she's a vampire. He's been watching them through their window and knows all about them. The female vampire makes the decision to tell her mate and hope she doesn't leave her which is something she didn't need to worry about. They love each other so much that the female vampire makes her mate a vampire as well. They decide to go on the run and find the vampire High Council to seek safety and warn then. The High Council agrees to help them and gives them a list of where they'd like to live with the other members of the council. They choose Brasil (since I lived there for 6 months-I thought it'd be fun to write) and meet with their new protectors. There's problems within the two pairs and that's as far as I've gotten. This is a very erotic and graphic sexually explicit novel that I'm going to leave open so the male vampire finds them in Brasil and they then move to the next people on the vampire High Council list for the next novel. I'm very excited but I'm looking for another publisher so that I can keep more of my royalties. From my research, erotic paranormal stories are ones that many people are excited about and looking to purchase/read. I'll keep you updated as I write more. 
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