Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Awesome new book, review!

I had the pleasant opportunity to read the below book. You MUST read it as it's spectacular. Here's my review:

The book The Undeparted by Deborah Palumbo was FANTASTIC! It’s a must read! Put this on your read list as it won’t disappoint you, I promise. I bought it after I met the author and she was really down to earth and a great person. I bought the book because it has vampires in it and I love vampires. What I found was a magnificently woven storyline with fully developed characters (in just 184 pages people) and it was left open for the sequel which is always an excellent choice for an author.
The book follows a young woman named Cassandra who has a great job, a best friend that works with her and her absolutely wonderful boyfriend Mike, who just happens to be a cop. Unfortunately, their work shifts are opposite so they don’t see much of each other. When Cassandra comes home and is attacked, she fights back but eventually looses. She is taken to a castle (while she was knocked out) and meets a mysterious man named Quentin. The man that attacked her was there as well but it was very obvious that Quentin was running the show. He was amazed that Cassandra had been bitten by Christian and had been able to resist his venom and stay alive. Quentin decided he’d make it his mission to make Cassandra come to him. Sure, he could seduce her with his vampire powers but he wanted her to want him the traditional way. He released her after knocking her out again and she woke up in her own bed. At first she thought it was a dream but after another visit by Quentin she knew it was not. She tries to tell Mike and her best friend but they shrug her off. Quentin is relentless throughout the story to gain her love. He is persistent and makes choices based on Cassandra’s actions. In the end, a stunning turn of events is revealed and Cassandra finds the preconception she had made of Quentin could possibly be wrong after all.
This book makes you fall in love with the characters immediately but leaves Quentin a mysterious character. It alters a person’s premonition of vampires and society. The author has woven such a web that it leaves you questioning all the things you think you ever knew about vampires. This book surpassed my expectations and beyond by captivating me and attempting to get my full attention. I hated to put it down but sleep was calling (lol). I wanted there to be more of it at the end but it leaves you on a cliffhanger…wanting more and more. I hated that it ended and can’t wait to read the second one, The Ascent of the Undeparted.

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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! I just finished reading it the other day. :) Awesome review! Can't wait to start reading the second book in this series!