Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Charity Book Sale!

Hi all!

Book sale for charity! We are having a book sale for one of our own in the Author community! Please come by, pick up some books or even make a small cash donation to the fund. Let's help this person out asap! It's only the next 2 days! Here's the link:

Please let's ban together and make this happen! She needs your help and she's helped out so many of us by buying our books and writing reviews as well as promoting us and helping us out. Now it's our turn to help her out.

Please stop by and pick up a book. Also, for those of you that love Tara Fox Hall's catbeds, she's donated one that we are going to have a charity auction on until tomorrow, Thursday at 2pm and the highest bidder wins the bed. We are on a short timeframe so let's get going. Head on over to the page, help out and get yourself some new books!

Thanks all!

Keep Writing!
Jodie Pierce

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