Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My fav part

Hi all!

Just wanted to update you on Vampiro do Brasil. It's finished like I said before. Now I'm just doing my own edits before I sent it off to my wonderful Editor-In-Chief, Jessica Sawa!!! She's chomping at the bit to get the book. 'Spoke' with the Cover Artist and she'll have some options for me to look at after this weekend (Lindsey Jayne)!

I thought you might like to see what I'm listening to while writing and editing. Unfortunately for you, it's all in Portuguese but I understand it fine and it brings back such great memories:

All but one are Fabio Jr. who was very young when this album came out. The last song is from the show Vamp on their novella tv when I lived there (It was about vampires, obviously, but that's why I loved the show even when I could't speak the language yet). I managed to get all the episodes on dvd so I've been watching them too (or at least listening to them while I do my work)!

I'm so excited about this book that there is going to be a second one. Sorry folks, but book one ends on a cliffhanger but I assure you the sequel won't be too far behind.

Today is Veteran's Day so please thank a Veteran. My dad was in the Army and my hubby was in the Navy.

That's all for now!

Keep Writing!
Jodie Pierce

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