Saturday, October 20, 2012

New review! When the Temperature Rises!

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 I had the great opportunity to read the below book. Check out my review:

When The Temperature Rises by Deborah Palumbo is an excellent read. It is a 1940’s crime noir that surrounds you with a murder, detectives, boxers, the mob and “dames” as Detective Humphreys refers to them. You got a Detective that has a broken life, is past his prime and still can’t keep away from those “dames”. Mystery, intrigue and deductive reasoning are paramount in this book and keep the book moving, making it an easy page turner. Deborah Palumbo has written an excellent crime mystery with an ending that even the reader doesn’t see coming. She’s woven such a web, with wonderfully creative characters that make you root for the main character and give you a vested interest in him and his mission.

Detective Humphrey is given the murder case of a lifetime but only 48 hours to solve the murder. After pursuing several suspects, track down a dead trail, his ex-wife comes into the picture and looks like a good suspect. She’s been hanging around with his previous suspects and the evidence starts to mount against her. He still holds a torch for her and wants to clear her name despite his misgivings. His Captain Milroy has seen Humphrey at his low and continues to treat him like he’s a washed up Detective. He insists Humphrey has the answer in the notebook he’s kept throughout the entire investigation. After reviewing the facts, he follows his hunch and the pieces fall into place. Those pieces lead to more than he expected and has his Captain in the end eating out of his hand. Will his ex-wife be found guilty? Will they get back together? Will his find the real suspect in his mess of notes? Read it to find out the stunning ending.

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