Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Gold Seeker's Daughter Review!

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I had the pleasure of reading the below book by Deborah Palumbo. Here is my review:

The Gold Seeker’s Daughter is an amazing journey of emotions, conscious and the good and evil of people. It is a story craftily woven and creatively spoken through the words on the pages. Deborah is a master story-teller and does not falter by any means in this story.

This historical romance follows a young woman’s’ journey with her family from Pennsylvania across the prairie towards California for the gold rush. Her father decides to take her and her mother with him while he travels in search of gold. This story chronicles their journey, the meeting of God’s creatures and the interactions with the ‘red man’. It follows Enya as she starts feeling woman-like feelings for the wrong person, is forced to oblige a petulant rich man and deal with the loss of family. The plot takes twists and turns as Enya learns how to survive on the prairie as a young woman. You don’t see the final confrontation coming but secretly hope for it. She’s put in a precarious position and as the reader you can just feel her anguish. You get vested in Enya’s feelings and emotions throughout the story.

Ms. Palumbo creates a whole world surrounding her main character so that the reader can actually place themselves within the story. It’s not just words on a page, it evokes sentiment from the reader. The emotions are so raw and real that it takes the reader back to their first lost love. It leaves the reader feeling giddy as things come together nicely and it is tied up together in a wonderfully delightful bow. This is a must-read for all! It’s a short read and worth its weight in gold.

Go check it out! It's a great read!
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