Friday, November 30, 2012

Dec 3rd FB/Author Giveaway List!

Hi all!
I just wanted to remind you of my up coming facebook event on Dec 3rd ( It's going to be the Paranormal and Horror Lovers Goodreads Trivian Giveaway. I have many authors giving away books so I though t you might like a list. Here goes:

The Undeparted-Deborah Palumbo
Bedtime Shadows-Tara Fox Hall
The Chalet-Tara Fox Hall
3-Death Lily- Rebecca Nolan
2-Dead of Eve-Pam Goodwin
Bound-Lee Taylor
Phoenix Rising #1- Lisa C. Morgan
Phoenix Burning #2- Lisa C. Morgan
Pocketful of Fear-Joseph Rubas
Our Forbidden Love-Branda Hastings
Oobers-Jay T. Harding
Supernova #1-Crystal Ward
Tsunami #2- Crystal Ward
Headwind #3- Crystal Ward
The Thorn of Death-Firefly & Wisp Publishing
13 Tales of the Paranormal-J.B, Sullivan, Jo-Anne McCleary, Heather Greenhalgh, Caithlin Mccoll, Roy Hudson, Stephen De Marino, Rebecca Nolan, Dawn Kirby, Susan Harris, Jana Boskey, Theresa Oliver, J.S. Wilsoncroft
The Vampire Queen-Jodie Pierce
The Reluctant Vampire-Jodie Pierce

There are your susperstars people. They will be donating books for my event so go check them out and thank them.
Thanks all!
Keep Reading & Writing!
Jodie Pierce


  1. I can't believe how many AMAZING AUTHORS AND BOOKS there are in this give away! Thank you to all of the authors and thank you for the oppertunity

  2. Wow.. I think I would be happy no matter which I won... If I won any. :) Amazing selection!!!! I want to donate a book.... when I actually get it published...LOL