Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Blog Tour Dates Are Here!

Hi all!
So here it is! My book blog tour! I have listed below the tentative schedule of my appearances on others’ blogs. Please stop by, take a read and leave a comment so I know you’ve joined me. Hope to see you all there!
Here goes:
NOW                    www.tbxebooks.com/search?q=Jodie+pierce&x=0&y=0
11/23    Dorothy Dreyer                 www.we-do-write.blogspot.com
11/25    Liliana Soare                      www.lilianasoare.blogspot.com.au
11/26    Mia Darien                         www.miadarien.com
11/27    Evan Bollinger                   www.meandermin.blogspot.com
11/30   Coffeetime Romance          www.groups/yahoo.com/groups/karendevinkaren
12/1       Robert Haddad                  www.survive2012intwoweeks.com
12/4       Mae Clair                            www.maeclair.net/2012/12/04/mae-clairs-wizards-with-words-jodie-pierce
12/4       Olga Nunez Miret             www.olganm.wordpress.com
12/5       Kayla S.                               www.theramblingsofatoddlersmom.blogspot.com
12/6       Deborah Palumbo            www.deborahpalumbotheundeparted.blogspot.com
12/7      Alesha Escobar                 www.aleshaescobar.com/feature-friday-demise-of-the-vampire-queen
12/8       Karen Smith                       www.broad-mindedbooks.blogspot.com   The Vampire Queen-giveaway
12/9      Julia Walker                       www.juliahughes.co.uk
12/11    Elodie Parkes                     www.elodieparkes.blogspot.com
12/14    Stacy Eaton                        www.stacyeatonauthor.blogspot.com
12/15    Karen Smith                       www.broad-mindedbooks.blogspot.com   The Vampire Chronicles
12/17    Teicha Mailhes                  www.valloryv.wordpress.com
12/17-12/22 Paige Bleu                 www.paigebleu.blogspot.com  Check back daily for something new!
12/18    Chris Redding                    www.chrisreddingauthor.blogspot.com
12/19    tallis Piaget                         www.blackboogiemen.authorsxpress.com
12/20    Carin Walker                      www.4myreadingobsession.blogspot.com
12/21    Theodora Kostova            www.theodorakostova.blogspot.com  (book giveaway)
12/21    Catalina Egan                    www.thebridgeofdeath.com  If the future does not end, plans for the future-giveaways!
12/22    Karen Smith                       www.broad-mindedbooks.blogspot.com  Demise of the Vampire Queen
12/24  Vampire Book Realm          www.vampirebookrealm.com
12/26    Tessa Stokes                      www.the-ruthin-trilogy.blogspot.com
12/27    Evan Bollinger                   www.meandermin.blogspot.com
12/28    Karen Docter                     www.karendocter.com/blog
12/29    M.M. Frye                          www.melissamfrye.com/missywrites/

So come join me, check out these fabulous websites, leave comments on interviews and buy a book or two! Thanks all!
Keep Reading!
Jodie Pierce

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  1. Best wishes to you, Jodie, my friend and sister author!You're a busy girl! Can't wait to see your interviews!